Your Perfect Floor Plan | Tips for Creating a Home that Works for You

Your Perfect Floor Plan | Tips for Creating a Home that Works for You

A floor plan is more than a blueprint of a home that details the size of the rooms and their location in a home or office. It is, in fact, a blue print of a lifestyle. Mapping out a floor plan is the first and the most important step in the interior design process. A floor plan will have a big impact on how the home will look, and will make a huge difference between a dream home and a disappointment.

At Ashmore Design, we are specialists in custom home floor plans in Bonita Springs. Here, we’ll share some tips to help you pre-plan your floor plan for a custom home design.

Begin with the End in Mind

Will your aging parents live with you? Do you have plans having children in the coming years? You must think of questions similar to these when working on a floor plan. When creating a floor plan, you must accommodate future needs such as small children, teenagers, aging parents, grandparents, and likewise. Similarly, if you want to open a small home business in the future, this is the best time to think about it. Thinking about the future when making a floor plan is the best way to future proof your home.

Organize your Ideas

Once you have determined your present and future home needs, you must organize and prioritize the features of the new home. You may want to ensure that the essential home floor features are built first before focusing on the fancy features. For instance, you may want to prioritize building a gas line for the stove over a box window where you can grow small plants and herbs.

Keep It Simple!

Another important tip when making a house plan is to keep it simple. This will ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs when making a floor plan. You do not need to purchase an expensive software to draw out a floor plan. You can use a pencil and a note pad to brainstorm and sketch your ideas and make a list of features about each room. Moreover, you do not need to have an artistic flair to sketch the floor plan. A rough sketch can also guide the professional structural engineering and drafting firm to build the perfect home for you.

Consider Topography of the Lot

You should also consider the size, topography, and features of the lot when making a floor plan. For example, if the lot overlooks a nature’s cape, you may want to choose a location for the living room that faces the lot. Moreover, if the lot is located near heavy traffic, you may want to make sure that the bedrooms are situated in a quieter corner, away from the loud noise of the traffic.

Contact a Professional Bonita Springs Drafting Firm

While you may have a good idea of what you’d like from your future home and floor plan, it might save you time and stress to contact a professional drafting firm.

Ashmore Design is a custom home design in Bonita Springs and we specialize in custom floor plans, blueprints, and more. We’ll help you turn your pre-planned ideas into a beautiful reality that will become your future home.

To learn more about our services, click here. Contact us today at (239) 444-5780 or through our website here.

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