Traditional vs. Contemporary: Choosing the Right Custom Home Design for You

Traditional vs. Contemporary: Choosing the Right Custom Home Design for You

There are many different types of residential styles, but when it comes to design, homes are typically divided into two broad categories – traditional and contemporary. These two different styles offer homeowners unique benefits and characteristics. Getting to know each style will help you make an informed decision about which custom home design is right for you.

Traditional Home Design

Traditional home designs are some of the most common in the U.S. This design style often incorporates elements of other historic American styles to create a simple and functional space with an old-fashioned charm. This style often mixes design elements, but typically features can include:

  • Formal living and dining areas – Traditional homes typically have well-defined living and dining areas that are separate and distinct.
  • Mixture of design details – Traditional design borrows from a variety of styles, including elements of Colonial, Country, and Neo-Classical design.
  • Traditional comforts – Many traditional homes include a welcoming front porch area, cozy fireplaces, and inviting sunrooms that are ideal for spending time with the family.
  • Range of exterior options – Though brick or stucco exteriors are most common, traditional home exteriors may also incorporate wood or stone.

Adding a Contemporary Twist

Contemporary homes borrow many elements from modern design, including clean lines and a minimalist style. Contemporary home design also tends to opt for open yet functional spaces. Though it is hard to pin down exactly what a contemporary home design might incorporate, typical contemporary elements of design might include:

  • Open floor plans – This floor plan combines kitchen, dining, and living room spaces to open up the area, creating an inviting atmosphere with a feeling of spaciousness.
  • More natural light – Many contemporary homes incorporate large windows to allow for more natural light to permeate the space, also contributing to a feeling of openness.
  • Outdoor space for entertaining – The contemporary design style is ideal for those who like to entertain, so many homes include space for entertaining outside.
  • Focuses on intelligent materials – Homes with a contemporary design will often us intelligent materials, such as environmentally friendly products and resources.

Design Your Bonita Springs Dream Home Today

Once you decide which type of home design is right for you, it is time to start developing a plan for your new home. Whether you are looking for a traditional home or one that is a little more contemporary, Ashmore Design has you covered. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to help you take your ideas and custom design the ultimate home that meets your needs, fits your budget and incorporates your style preferences.

Contact us today if you are ready to start designing the home of your dreams in Southwest Florida.

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