Tips for Designing the Perfect Lanai for Your Property

Tips for Designing the Perfect Lanai for Your Property

Making your home beautiful is the dream of many. Add a beautiful deck here and a stylish living room there, and you may have the most unique house on the block. One great feature of a house, which can not only make it stand out amongst all, but also ensure that you relax in comfort in warm and rainy evenings is a lanai on your property. Sometimes called “porches or deck’s” up north, lanais are a property feature that adds charm to any home.

What Is a Lanai?

Many are confused about what a lanai actually is, since it is an architectural concept which originated from and is more common in Hawaii. A lanai is a unique style of porch, which is designed with an enclosed architectural style that has a stone or concrete floor. The lanais are built beside the actual frame of the house adjacent to the property.

As time has elapsed, the original lanai designs have undergone a lot of changes, and new styles and unique techniques have been employed to make them more charming, while still holding true to the original framework of a lanai. If you want to design a stylish, relaxing and charming lanai on your property, there are some useful tips you need to keep in mind.

How to Design the Best Lanai on Your Property

If you want to add a unique styled porch to your house, then there are many designs and styles to choose from. While the kind of lanai and features you choose depends on your preference, there are certain architectural features which need to be kept in mind while designing a lanai.

A Lanai Design to Compliment the Weather

Lanais are mostly the ideal porch designs for homes where there are warm climates. But if you live in a place where cold climate is the norm, you can modify the original design to accommodate your needs.

Also, you need to make sure that the lanai is designed to be structurally sound from all around, especially if you expect any kind of extreme or rough weather where you live. Make your lanai design adaptable to the weather to ensure that you are able to enjoy time with your family, with no risk of the property features suffering due to extreme weather conditions.

Assess the Yard Water Levels to Ensure Suitability of the Design

One very important thing to note is that a lanai is built on the same level as the house. This means that if your yard is at risk of getting flooded with water throughout the year, the water is likely to seep into your lanai structure, making it impossible for you to enjoy the weather. Also, the flooded water will ruin the features of the lanai and spoil all the efforts you have made. Assess the water level of your yard before you discuss the lanai design with your architect or contractor.

Extend Your Indoor Space

While your lanai is ideally designed as an outdoor space for enjoyment, but with smart designs, you can also use it as an extension of the indoor living room space. Discuss the plan with your architecture firm to know how you can extend your indoor living space to the outdoors, adding a charming feature and more comfort on your property.

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