Need to Get Organized? How to Design a Designer Closet

Need to Get Organized? How to Design a Designer Closet

Do you think that it is high time that you got organized? Is your closet something in between a laundry, stowaway room, and a very disorganized version of the Room of Requirements mentioned in the Harry Potter series? If you think that it is time that the clutter starts to make sense and you are able to find what you need in your closet without spending hours searching for it (we can’t all use the accio spell to summon things), then you need to reorganize and redesign your closet.

You may have tried to reorganize all the things in your personal closet countless times, to give it a more proper look, but it all ends up looking as if someone has just stuffed everything inside, with no hope of it ever getting organized. Ever thought why all your efforts never pay off? It is because the closet space isn’t designed to your needs.

In order to have a closet which accommodates your specific needs, you need to get a designer and install custom features in it. How do you do that? Do you know what makes designer closets different from the regular ones? The fact that those closets are designed keeping the needs of the user in mind is the reason why everything seems all organized, well placed and not cluttered at all.

Want to know how to design a custom closet? Here are just a few of the tips we keep in mind when designing closets within the homes and spaces we create that will help you make a smart choice when it comes to designing your very own closet.

Sort Out Your Needs

The very first thing to decide and one which all professional custom designers do is to find out the needs of their client. It is essential to the designing of the perfect closet, to have a clear idea of what needs it is supposed to fulfill and what things it has to accommodate within its dimensions.

Will you be using the closet as the main closet of the house where you plan to store away the old clothes, shoes, appliances and luggage cases? Will the closet be used to organize a toddler’s toys, or the clothes and other odds and ends of a teenager? The right closet can only be designed once it is known what it will be used for.

Need to organize big bags of stored stuff or need a closet which serves a dual purpose as a wardrobe and a pull out desk? To get a designer closet, sort out your needs.

Ensure the Dimensions

The next step is to know your closet dimensions. Whether you plan to make your designer closet yourself or hire a professional to do the job, you need to find out the closet dimensions. This way, you will be able to work out how best to meet the space needs for storing and organizing different things, within a set closet space.

Choose the Material

Would you go for something ornamental in design or will you need solid strong shelves in your closets which can bear the weight of large bags and heavy appliances? The material you choose for your closet depends on what you will be storing in it. If you need broad shelves for storing old clothes, you will need strong wood such as material. If you plan to design a stylish closet in the room of your child which has a desk pull out feature with adjustable shelves and hanging options, then you can go for lightweight material available in the market.

The color and design and aesthetic value of the material is important too, but not nearly as the durability factor.

Select a Specific Design

Would you need multiple shelves to accommodate the many shoes, books, toys and things of your child, or would a hanging rack also be necessary? If you are designing a tools closet, you would definitely want space and hooks for hanging the different equipment for easy access and use whenever you like.

The design of your designer closet all depends upon your needs and the specific style you want. If you want to make the most of the space, your design will be different to a closet which has been designed with more focus on its aesthetic value.

Design a closet which is best suited to your needs and is a feature in the property that helps you stay organized.

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