Home Design Trends for 2016

Home Design Trends for 2016

Modern home designs are always changing and each year there are new trends. There are certain interior trends that will continue from last year, such as the minimalistic look with modern furniture, however, there are things that change every year, like the trending colors. In the upcoming year, designers will focus on new designing techniques in order to come up with original and interesting home designs. If you are looking forward to the home design trends for 2016, you have come to the right place!

Trend # 1: Tiles Will Be More Geometric

In the upcoming year, decorative backsplashes will go strong and interior designers will be focusing more on geometric patterns that have fluid movement. It is expected that wood and cement will play an important role in order to achieve the look. Fluid geometry will be prominent in everything, whether you’ll focus on a countertop, a backsplash, or a patterned floor.

Trend #2: Get the Outdoors Inside

These days, a lot of people are focusing on how to decorate their living spaces with greenery. They are investing a lot of money on their backyards in order to revamp it and want to buy furniture that they can use both indoors and outdoors. It is expected that accessories and décor that will focus on plants will trend in the upcoming year.

Trend #3: Color & Materials

In 2016, playful colors will play a huge part, as the designers will not hesitate to come up with new trends. Navy blue, deep blue, and green oil will be incorporated in the upcoming home designs. Some of the colors that you should look out for, other than blue, include:

  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Black

Furthermore, wood, brass, copper, and marble will be used for construction of new designs in order utilize their timeless presence.

Trend #4: Arrangement of Space

When talking about home designs, it is important to mention the presence of decorative objects. In 2016, the minimalistic look will be in again, and the interior designers will be focusing on eliminating all the unnecessary things that take up a lot of space, which includes bulky furniture.

Trend #5: Metals

It is expected that in the upcoming year, metals will be extensively used in the interiors. From midcentury mod with brass, to metallic finishes, you can expect anything.

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