2015 Trends in Kitchen Design

2015 Trends in Kitchen Design

Kitchens, for most people, are the most important part of a home. Kitchen design trends come and go every year and keeping up with the latest kitchen design trends ensures that your kitchen remains modern and contemporary at all times. Below we have listed the top kitchen design trends that are popular at the moment.

Integrated Open Shelving

Integrated open shelving design is popular at the moment. Open shelving allows you to display interesting knick-knacks and items worth displaying. This design trend is light on the budget and it also greatly improves the functionality of the kitchen. It allows you to keep crockery items organized and at the same time showcase them to the visitors.

Fusion of Traditional and Contemporary Style

Another trend in popular kitchen designs is the combination of traditional and contemporary design. More homeowners are moving away from sleek design to a more welcoming one that mirrors their own personality. This is achieved by combining traditional and modern elements. The modern style and color of the kitchen is fused with traditional elements such as granite flooring, mirrors, textured timber, and brushed nickel, allowing homeowners to achieve the traditional/contemporary mix.

Vibrant Colors Mixed with Subtle Tones

Increasing numbers of kitchens boast of vibrant colors fused with subtle tones that allow for more artistic options. This seasons great range of vibrant colors include soothing jades of purples, pinks, and jades combined with blue hues of gold and regal red that creates a laidback and balanced ambiance.

Moreover, some kitchen designs include using wallpaper instead of textured color to give vibrancy to the home. Wallpapers come in many designs and colors, so you have a lot of options to customize the look of your kitchen while providing additional texture, appeal, and contrast.

Textured Materials and Design

Textured and similar materials such as engineered stones, granites, and tiles are also currently popular in kitchen design. Natural stone flooring is easier to maintain and clean and it looks great. Moreover, material with textured finish and slight imperfections are becoming popular as kitchen benchtops.

In addition, textured timber finishes are replacing high gloss timber in most homes. These materials characterize natural forms that add appeal to the kitchen space. Companies such as Danzer and Lminex offer a great range of textured timber veneers that are used in most homes.

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The above trends are just a sample of kitchen design trends for this year. However, each homeowner has his/her preference and style. That’s where Ashmore Design comes in.

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What are some of your favorite kitchen design trends? Leave your answers in the comments!

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