Mixing Top Home Design Trends with Southwest Florida Lifestyle

Mixing Top Home Design Trends with Southwest Florida Lifestyle

Modern homes in Southwest Florida have evolved into a place where families hang out, work, play, dine, and have quality time together. The highlight of modern homes in the southern part of the Sunshine State is flexible room designs and efficient space usage.

Here, we will take a look at some of the top home design trends in Southwest Florida that are popular among our community.

  1. Deep Blue Home Design Trend

Most people are going for a deep blue color inside the homes that gives their living space a more interesting and saturated blue color. Blue is certainly a charming color that gives a refreshingly cool and calm ambiance to the room. People are experimenting with different hues of blue color that looks the most appealing to them. If you have been traditionally using white or off-white color in the homes, using blue will represent a break from the past adding more richness and liveliness to the room.

  1. Spacious and Relaxed Spaces

Another home design trend is the use of spacious and relaxed sectionals inside the house. Living rooms have become roomier and relaxed place for lounging and having fun in front of large TV screens. Kitchens have become more spacious where the whole family dine and pass quality time eating together. The spacious sectional rooms of the house are designed with more padding zone and less need for formal sofas. This sectional design invites one to sprawl out and relax, read a good book, play game, watch television, or just socialize with others.

  1. Fusion of Modern and Traditional Home Decor

Interior home decor in Southwest Florida offers a mixture of traditional rustic doors mixed with modern design chairs and table. With this fusion, homeowners are able to enjoy a more modern look based on today’s trends while also utilizing traditional décor for a unique balance.

  1. Geometric Honeycomb and Hexagons

Finally, some homes in Southwest Florida are beginning to feature geometric honeycomb and hexagons shapes that certainly look appealing and futuristic. Whether it’s the windows or arrangement of furniture, homeowners in the area are going for more geometric look that feels both natural and modern at the same time.

Home Design Bonita Springs

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